Afterhour FM 5-year Massive Celebration: The Sets are now available for download !

Have you listened to the 5-year celebration on If you did, chances are that you loved it. Perhaps you’re still thinking about that amazing track that played during a certain set, and wonder what it is?

The 88 DJ Sets are now available for download HERE ! Most of them come with a tracklist, so chances are you’re gonna find that choon track that you loved so much.

If you haven’t had a chance to tune in and you don’t know where to start, here are my recommandations:

Veselin Tasev (08), Cliff Coenraad(10), Laan (11), Raneem (12), Faruk Sabanci (14), Ronnie K (18), Sean Tyas (29), W&W (31), Wizz (33), DreamensioN (34), Manuel Le Saux (46), Jorn van Deyhoven (49), Leon Bolier (50), Markus Schulz (52), Corderoy (68), Signum (69), Ernesto vs. Bastian (71), Sied van Riel (74), Stonevalley (77), Jeffrey Source (78), Imagin (80), Binary Finary (81).

These are the ones that I listened to and that I really enjoyed. Don’t think for a moment that the other aren’t good, I just didn’t get a chance to listen to them :)

Thank You again to Dan for these amazing 5 years, and let’s hope for many many more !