Afterhours.FM – 5 year celebration schedule + New Android App !

Just like I said in a previous post, time flies by so fast ! 5 years already since I saw this new radio station pop up and thought… “what a hell, let’s check it out”. Here’s a few words from Dan, the man behind the project.

Afterhours.FM is proud to present our 5th Year Anniversary, we can’t believe how fast time flies, but it flies with the passion of providing the Trance Community the only best in Electronic Dance Music. We would like to invite you to celebrate 5th Anniversary with us, it all starts on May 28th with a Live Broadcast from Holland / recorded (to be announced soon) followed by 80+ DJs from AH.FM exclusive. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank staff, all partners, listeners, and everyone else supporting AH.FM. The future of AH.FM is simple… continue bringing only the Best of Electronic Dance Music.

Do you wish to send a shoutout to It’s possible, the best will be played during the 5-year anniversary. More info here !

Also, there are now applications available for you iPhone or Android system. No need to skip on work or school anymore in order to listen to !


– High Quality, slick & fast interface.
– Afterhours.FM Streaming Technology enabled for best possible quality.
– Informational bar with (number of listeners currently listening, amount of time your streaming, what bit rate is being streamed at & if it’s WiFi or Cellular)
– Ability to see Upcoming/Previous shows.
– News feed with Today on Air information.
- Ability to select different bitrates (192k, 96k, 48k HE-AAC).
- WiFi only Mode.
– Full monthly schedule + search feature.
– Ability to share the app to your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Email, sms.
– Ads are disabled in the Full app.
– no AirPlay, enabled in Full app. (iPhone only)

I’ve bolded two that I find VERY interesting. For those living in Canada, mobile data is WAY too expensive for what it actually is. So if you have 500mb a month, you don’t really wanna spend it on listening to music. It is there that being able to choose the bitrate (the lower the bitrate, the lower the data usage) is useful. Also, “wifi” only mode, same purpose.

There are ways of getting apps for free out there, but I really suggest that you guys buy the full version of this. Not because they told us to say so. Simply because here at WPT, we have great respect for what they do, and feel the need to encourage them. 3$ is very tiny for a good cause.

AH.FM app for iPhone

AH.FM app for Android

Windows phones… I guess you’ll have to wait a bit more. Or perhaps you can use WMP or WinAmp to play it directly on their site?

Finally, let us end by saying THANK YOU, Afterhours.FM, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It all starts on May 28th, don’t miss a thing !