Apology + Local Talent

First off, on behalf of WPT, I’d like to apologize to Markus Schulz for the misjudgment in the previous post. You can all read his thoughtful explanation here. It’s everybody’s dream to work with childhood heroes. Big up to Markus for doing this regardless of a much-expected negative feedback, and an even bigger props for explaining the situation.


Alexandre Nadeau, going by the name of “Tomac”, is a local talent from Ste-Therese in the north of Montreal. I’ll let you guys visit his official website instead of copy pasting the whole bio :)

More importantly, the reason for this post: His soon to be released production “We Make One”. I love it and I hope you guys will feel the same ! Look it up starting June 21st on Ora Recordings !

tomac_-_we_make_one_original_mix by ora_recordings

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