Blokc // Cliché

We’ve been pushing big names such as Markus Schulz, John Digweed, Sean Tyas and Raneem among many others. Today’s post however is about two guys who don’t own a record label or a private jet.

Blokc (Jean-Pascal Saint-Cyr) and  Cliché (Eli Levinson) are two regular Montreal-based dudes. We finished high school together back in 2004, I became a mechanic, they started producing music. We got in touch after a few years of each doing our own separate thing. I previewed their stuff, loved it, and I’m happy to share it with y’all today.


Blokc is the type of guy who drinks poutine sauce on a tipsy night in the parc, and then denies it for years to come. When he’s not building bikes, he produces Techno. Working alongside Groj (who will be spinning at Piknic Electronik this year, article to come), Blokc has released 4 tracks on Beatport.

Jasper is my personal favorite. This track is also the 1st on Manual Music’s Manualism 5.0 VA compilation. Fourhorn is amazing as well, but I couldn’t find a direct play button for you guys, so you’ll have to visit his beatport page to listen to it. For more info, LIKE Blokc on Facebook !


I see Cliché more as an experimental type of producer. He hasn’t locked himself to any definite style of EDM and I think this is the beauty of his work. House, Trance, Funky Trance, TranceDuro, Carnival Bass, Techno, Tribal, Dubstep, Kuduro and other EDM styles that I’ve never actually head of, he does it all. He hasn’t officially released anything (that I know of), and you can download most of his stuff for free on his Soundcloud.

Nightfall by Cliché

Thumpatron 5000 by Cliché

Gypt by Cliché

Escaderode (DL in description!!!!!) by Cliché

Do make sure to checkout his soundcloud page, as there is a lot more stuff on there :)