Cosmic Gate – “Wake Your Mind” – Full Album Review

On October 31st 2011 Cosmic Gate is releasing the all new album; Wake Your Mind [Black Hole Recordings]. There have been many rumors about this album and lots of people really didn’t know what to expect from CG this time.

Luckily Tang is here, he did in fact woke his mind and was able to review the whole album, so you know what to expect.


Sometimes they come back for more – Arnej

Cool start to the album, optimistic, good pace, classic trance tune – Arnej really pushed CG to come out of their usual bubble on this one. Very energetic track

Be your sound – Emma Hewitt (Vocal)

Classic Cosmic Gate. Signature 3 continuous deep bass line accompanied with beautiful vocals (can’t go wrong with Emma Hewitt!) and a scarily serene piano tune. I feel as though the sound can be cleaner… a lot of static noise in the synths in my opinion when listening through my KRK’s. Hoping for a midnight mix soon.

Wake your mind – Cary Brothers (Vocal)

Nothing out of the ordinary. Classic storyline track. Starts low and slow, progressive, continuous and BREAK -> In kicks the lyrics and the build restarts to reach the new high. Easy to listen to, proven formula.

The Theme –

A very powerful song in which will it touch the deepest part of your body when the sound waves vibrates down to your emotional core. On the CD, the BPM feels a little slow especially @ 3:12 but I’m sure in a proper set, they’ll bring it up a notch.

All around you – Myon & Shane54 + Aruna (Vocal)

This song feels mostly 70% Myon & Shane54 and 30% CG influenced. I feel as if all CG did was add the bass line. Nevertheless, M&M54 executed this track beautifully and of course, a perfect match with Aruna. M&M54 have been on a role with their vocals. Their most memorable of this year? Andain – Promises (Myon & Shane54 Summer of Love mix). If you haven’t hear that track yet, LISTEN to it because I will guarantee you it will be part of the top 20 tracks of this year on ASOT’s compilation.

Never Apart -Alana Aldea (Vocal)

When I’m stressed, lonely, in a bad mood, its track like these that can turn my day/night over. This is the reason why in my opinion Trance is number one for me when compared to House music. Sure, they’ll almost never play it in a rave but who cares if it doesn’t? I can lay down on my couch, sip my scotch and just be lost somewhere and forget everything.

Over the rainbow – J Something (Vocal)

Inspiring lyrics, I feel as if this track can grow on me. It definitely has a “Trouse” sound signature to it. Lacks a bit of Oomph on the low end I find but this track is pretty uplifting so it doesn’t really matter. Definitely a great set ending track: Wakes you up, makes you happy, gives you hope for the new day.

Nothing ever lasts – Andrew Bayer

Minimal Trance? LOL – I’m just kidding. Simple, clean and clear, not much overlaying of the sounds, easy going and slowly progresses up a bit toward halfway to ¾ of the track. Progressive Trance 101

Calm Down – Emma Hewitt (Vocal)

Groovy beat to start off with. Vocal kicks in, nothing new here… if anything it’s a bit of a weak start. However once the break kicks in, it’s like a completely different song. Suddenly filled with energy and long sustaining synths with little small drum beats growing louder and faster and then, BOOM. The trance we know it’s back. It’s as if CG wanted a huge contrast between the start and middle so that the impact will be more noticeable. Did it work? Oh yes.

Barra –

Oh Barra. When I hear this track last year I fell in love. I love the bassline on this and the simplicity of it. Sometimes, a song doesn’t need a lot of track to make it good. It’s all in the way everything fits together. This song just gets you into the mood.

Drifting Away – Cathy Burton

I love Cathy Burton’s voice here. It’s really a perfect match with the background music. Again, I find the synths can be cleaned up more…  it has this static electro sound in which I don’t like at all… weird muffling effect.

Flying Blind – Jes

Darker track but I don’t find the vocal tunes match. It also has a weird commercial feel to it…  Too much highs and downs at the wrong moments. Then again, maybe it’s because I never liked JES’s voice very much. Oh well, to each his own.

Perfect Stranger –

Good track, I felt it had great potential for something much harder, but it wouldn’t have fit this album’s theme. Nothing too special here, again using a proven formula with the same overdone synths and beats. Think of it as a mid season facelift of a civic. Looks different but it’s still basically the same car.

Beautiful Destruction – Alana Aldea

I really like the vocals but not so much the beat. It didn’t have a theme, jumping from different styles and sound all over the place… but alas, an alright ending to an otherwise greatly accomplished album.

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- Tang Tang @ We Play Techno