Danny Serrano & Hector Couto – Sweet Haney (Original Mix)

Release Date  :  June 16th 2010

Danny Serrano is one of the artists that more people stuck in the capital of Spain. He was born in 1981, in Madrid. City that will turn into his cradle by his feelings in the world of the music.
He starts being a child. With only 8 years and with a keyboard, he begins to record, cut and paste diverse sounds. In 1995 he begins his musical profession in “Ritual – El sonido”, the place that gave him the opportunity to learn from the beginning until the use of the word. Danny grew up totally imbued in electronics: at the age of sixteen, he used his first wage to buy a turntable.
In 2001 he entered in the world of Deejays by Nando and Ismael Rivas (Space of sound), and he quickly became a skilled professional DJ among nightclubs such as  “Clam”, “Batavia”, “Kea”, “Yoker”, “Travesía”, “Locuras” or “El Coyote Club Terrace Dalay”, among others.
In 2004 Fernando Godoy (Señor Goldwind) discovers him, and he’s the one who gives him the opportunity to make himself known nationally and internationally.
After a stage outside Madrid, Danny starts to mix music again in “Trance” and later in “Groove”, which in 2006 attracted the attention of Carlsberg, tour dedicated to all those lovers of good music and quality settings.
In 2006 he began to be part of Carlsberg as a resident DJ of Carlsberg World Wide Clubbing Tour, as a bet of the mark by new values, promoting the national talent beside artists from the international scene.  Danny Serrano was chosen by his pure technical plates, despite his youth, and a musical taste able to answer to all the publics from the originality and elegance.
On this tour Danny begins to discover new sounds in electro and house; he defines and polishes his style to the progressive house, tech house and techno.
Danny Serrano played at venues such as “Moma” (Madrid),“One” (London), Le Bans Douches (París), “Slam”(Roma),“Rouge”(Jerez),Zoo-Club”(Vigo),“Spoom” (Amsterdam)“Plástic”(Milán), “Puzzle” (Valencia), “Apache” (Valencia), “Pacha” (Barcelona), “Space Bass” (Zaragoza) “La Riviera” (Madrid) Auslage(Viena)… Recently, we saw him in “Chivas Studio” (Madrid) as the only DJ.
Until now he has been playing with some of the best DJs in the world like Misstres Barbara, Monika Krusse, Tania Vulcano, Satoshi Tomiie, Nic Fanciulli, Laurent Garnier, 2Many Dj’s, Fat boy Slim, Deep Dish, John, Pet, Carl Cox, among others.
Even he has played in several music festivals such as “Beffeter London Madrid Arena”, “Carlsberg World Wide Clubbing Port Santa María” (Cadiz), “No se oye festival” (Valencia), “Electronic-festival” (Madrid)…
His electrical nerve and his special talent to identify the public, create some sessions where everyone hears is hypnotized with an unique sound of timbals, effects, captured and changes of rhythm. Sessions defined like a big party where the people takes part in and no one pass undetected.

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