DJ Eco ‘the remix’

dj eco

About Marcello Pacheco (DJ Eco) : Kind of hard to do better than his own self-description. Here is a copy paste from his myspace page !

“Hello, my name’s Marcello. I am a producer and DJ based in New Jersey. I love music, especially classic rock, trippy acoustic stuff, chillout, and downtempo. I take everything I love about other genres and styles I like, and try to infuse it into my music. I make music I like and cross my fingers and hope that you like it too. I think that hard times bring good music, good art, good literature. Times are hard in New York, in London, in Berlin. The music will be our drug of choice to make things just a little better. Peace…”

This guy is one of the best trance producers/remixers out there. Most of the tracks he touches turn into gold. Here are my personal favorites. Enjoy !

Labels: Flashover / Lunatique / Armada / Spinnin’

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