DJ Mag – 2011 Top 100 DJs Voting Begins!

EDIT: Click Here To See The Results of 2011 DJ MAG TOP 100

Yes, it’s this time of the year again when we get to decide, who is the best DJ of the year!

Or as Cube says:

Let the DJMag top 100 DJ list vote spamming begin. Gotta love this fuckin time of the year !

I am not sure about previous years but in 2011 DJ Mag tied up their voting system with Facebook – I guess they are trying to prevent cheating… they will never prevent it but I am sure it will be reduced a lot. However, what I don’t like is that DJ Mag is getting access to our e-mails and our facebook accounts (you need to agree to add their app to your FB account in order to vote). Oh well..

Who do You think is the best DJ of the year? Comment below or on WePlayTechno Facebook page :)

So yep, be honest, vote for your favorite ones and don’t TROLL!

Vote here: DJ Mag – TOP 100