DJ Mag is Coming to Canada!

Good news for all the fans of Electronic Dance Music in Canada; DJ MAG is finally coming here! I liked it when I heard it, now I hope the magazine will last for a long time here. Sure, we’re not Europe and the EDM scene is not as huge or developed however we are moving in the right direction! We’re getting great artists to come over with performances and we have our own amazing, world known and rising stars (think Arnej, Deadmau5, Raneem and many more) and of course the growing popularity of EDM music in Canada’s clubbing scene.

Here is a little quote from IHM Global Media Corp (Sept.29.2011)

…“DJ Mag is already well established in mainland Europe including the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, as well as South America in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, but we are especially excited by our first move into North America, and the launch of DJ Mag Canada. Canada is a musically rich territory having spawned artists such as Deadmau5, Richie Hawtin and current DJ Mag favourite, Heidi. We can’t wait to get to work on bringing Canada its own version of the world’s leading dance music magazine.”

DJ Mag Canada will be presented in a monthly online digital format, but printed editions for the newsstands will also be released around significant dates in the clubbing calendar including the Top 100 DJ Poll. The launch date for the first issue will be April 2012 although the DJ Mag Canada website will be launching in January 2012. As well as using interviews and features from the UK edition, DJ Mag Canada will run original editorial content alongside reporting on the scene in Canada and its leading artists, clubs and events..

At this moment DJ MAG Canada website is offering a FREE 1 Year limited subscription. Although it is not clear if this applies to the digital edition only or to the printed one as well, I believe this is something worth singing up to. Sign Up Today; DJ Mag Canada

Peace, <3 #trancefamily

– Alex