DJ Optick @ Muzique 04-12-2011 – Review

DJ Optick Montreal

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On December 4th 2011 DJ Optick took over Montreal for yet another night. I expected to hear a good set but as it often happens with Optick – he Over-delivered!

Cube aka Mihu and I made it to the infamous club Muzique pretty early, around 23:30 and the club was rather empty. To our surprise DJ Optick was at the club shortly after, accompanied by Aurelian from Idol Concerts Events. If I am not mistaken Optick started playing around 1am and from the start it felt like an amazing night was on its way… Now here is what I like about Optick’s sets – forget your Shazam because it won’t find most of the tracks this guy plays. I don’t know where he gets his music but it certainly isn’t mainstream that everyone knows, however you fall in love with these tracks from the first listen! Talk about research…

At some point of the night Mr. Tiesto decided to stop by, he did not play, it seems like Montreal’s club Muzique is the place to be on Sundays if you want to spot a celebrity, GSP, Tommy Lee, Lil Jon, Deadmau5 have been seen here partying on Sundays. This particular Sunday Tiesto was the only “big celebrity” at the club but a lot of local talents attended as well; DJ Ibra, Paul Tirtitau, DJ Yovan – to be honest I was happier to see them than Tiesto ;)

After 1 am the place really started to fill up and soon enough it was rather difficult to get through – a lot of people dancing to funky beats of DJ Optick, this guy knows how to get the crowd going ;) Here is a suggestion to everyone who enjoys house music; DO NOT MISS THE NEXT OPTICK’S SHOW! Seriously….

The set was broadcasted LIVE on Virgin Radio Montreal on December 4th and today it was made available online on DJ Optick’s Soundcloud! Enjoy:
Dj Optick – Nextlevel – Vibe Fm Romania – 08.12.2011 Optick LIVE @ Muzique Montreal Canada by djoptick