DJ Optick @ Muzique, Montreal Sunday February 27th 2011

DJ Optick in Montreal’s Club Muzique, 2011

Apparently Montreal party people love DJ Optick and DJ Optick really enjoys Montreal! This Awesome Romanian DJ is visiting Montreal for the 3rd time in less then 2 years… those who’ve been to Optick’s previous event know how talented he is. “DJ Optick “a man on a mission!” A success on the Romanian electronic music scene, DJ Optick was also the public’s choice for the latest Awards editions. From dance events, festivals, club gigs, to performances held in front of a public of several hundreds to tens of thousands of people, Optick’s best feature will always be his mixing style, a skill that awarded him his immense popularity, and has brought him several aw…ards: The Best DJ, The best Romanian Electronic Production, The Best DJ Set (Liberty Parade).”

This time Optick is coming to Club Muzique, so the event will be broadcasted on Virgin Radio. Make sure to not miss DJ Optick in Montreal.  Entrance is FREE with a guestlist BEFORE midnight and $15 or so after midnight, however a big line-up is expected so make it there early! Also, Open Bar For Ladies All Night!!! Check out the Official Facebook Event Page, you can also contact Aurelian Axénté for reservations and tickets!

A night before the Montreal event, DJ Optick will be playing at BPM nightclub in Gatineau! Seems like he will be spinning from 2am until 8am – so it should be fun! If you live nearby or feel like driving to Gatineau for a crazy party night, check out this page: DJ OPTICK (Romania) at BPM (Gatineau) Saturday February 26th 2011

Dj Optick LIVE @ Awards 2011 Kristal Bucharest 05.02.2011 by djoptick