Dub FX feat. Woodnote – Flow

WPT has indeed been pretty slow lately, we apologize for that. We post when we “feel” it, which in my opinion explains the quality of the posts (at least, that’s the feedback we get :P). Quality is better than quantity right? Oh well, we’re still alive and kickin’, Razvan is taking a break, Alex is still running from place to place in Europe, as for me, I just came back from Romania. And I brought this little baby along just for you guys !

Dub FX (Benjamin Stanford) is an Australian street performer, beat box, who makes, records and loops his own sounds LIVE in order to make a track out of it. It’s hard to label his style, which is something revolving around trip hop, reggae, drum and bass, dubstep.

Less text and more music, hope you all enjoy this jewel !