EuroVibe – DJ Optick @ Mica Lounge !

Alright guys, this really isn’t complicated. DJ Optick is the best House DJ in Romania according to the charts. If you’re like me and don’t believe in charts, then let me confirm: Fuck the charts, he is easily top3 in Romania and will blow your freaking minds away.

For the first time EVER, he is coming to North-America on May 22nd 2010, in Montreal, at Mica Lounge Club. He will want to put a good show and make a name for himself here, which means it’ll be EVEN CRAZIER than if you’d go see him back in Romania.

For the occasion, let me not only congratulate, but THANK idolconcerts, the Montreal-based Romanian event group for making this night possible. Help me thank them by making of this night one to remember, and the first of many. Scrub your pockets if you need to, but be there.

Tickets are 25$. Click here for the Facebook event page ! All the info you need is there !

May 22nd, make it happen !