Events to come: DJ Optick, John Digweed, Ferry Corsten, Sean Tyas, Sander van Doorn

THURSDAY, June 9th 2011: DJ Optick, Paul Tirtirau @Velvet

DJ Optick is back ! Romania’s #1 House DJ is coming to Montreal for the 4th time already in 2 years. Two of the first 3 appearances were reviewed by WePlayTechno, so if you’re not sure about this, we invite you to read them.

DJ Optick @ Mica Lounge, May 22nd 2010

DJ Optick @ Muzique, February 27th 2011

You can access the facebook event page HERE. For the non-romanian speaking, here’s the important info:

- It takes place at Velvet Nightclub (426 St-Gabriel), in Old Port.

- It’s cheap. Tickets are as low as 10$ pre-sale, and 15$ at the door. Contact Aurelian (514 991-4365) or John (514 473 4626) for pre-sale tickets or info about table reservations.

- Optick will be playing alongside Paul Tirtirau, a resident DJ from Muzique night club. Paul is really good (WPT stamp approved).

- It’s gonna be one of the best nights ever.

- Are you from Chicago? No need to make the roadtrip, he will come to you on June 11th, @ Enigma Lounge. Contact your local promoters for more info.


FRIDAY, June 10th 2011: John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Leon Bolier @ Circus

I have been in the ‘rave scene’ for a 5 years. It’s really not that much when you think about it, but nonetheless… people sometimes ask me what is the best rave that I have ever attended. And every time I answer: “December 28th, 2007 @AMC Forum. Sasha, Digweed and Sander Kleinenberg.”

I love trance music, but I prefer progressive house, by far. The problem is that there is not enough good, non-commercial house music. John Digweed is the sole definition of good, non-commercial progressive house music.

Also, on the same night:

- Joris Voorn: He’s one of the best nights at Piknic Electronik along with Lee Burridge and Ricardo Villalobos.

- Leon Bolier: One of the best trance producers that I know of. Great DJ skills as well.


Playroom : Hakim Guelmi (12:00 – 4:00), John Digweed (4:00 – 7:00),  Joris Voorn (7:00 – 9:00), Hakim Guelmi (9:00 – close)

X Room: Leon Bolier (5:00 – 7:00). Nothing is confirmed yet for Omar El Gamal and Hollow Earth.

This is a night that you DO NOT want to miss. Pre-sale tickets are 40$.

Facebook official event pageTickets


THURSDAY, June 23rd 2011: Ferry Corsten @ Folie

I remember a few years back, Ferry was supposed to come spin at Stereo. But a few weeks before, Stereo burned down, so he was rescheduled at Millenium (which became Folie). It really blows that for a 3rd (4th?) year in a row, he goes back to that place. Shitty sound system, shitty crowd… Yet he manages to make it an amazing night everytime. This guy is one of the few reasons that I love trance music.

Not much info on this event yet. Tickets should be around 25$ and it is most probably organized by Produkt events. When we know more, you’ll know more.


THURSDAY, June 23rd 2011: Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson, Arnej, Raneem, Manuel de la Mare @ Circus

Sean Tyas… Does he really need an introduction? If John Digweed is the definition of progressive house music, Sean Tyas is the definition of Trance. His radio show “Tytanium Sessions” will soon reach 100 episodes, and for the occasion he is presenting 3 live events in Montreal (23rd), Miami (24th) and New York City (25th).

Just come. Presale tickets are 15$, and the 24th is a holiday (St-Jean). Tyas, Patterson, Arnej and Raneem will be in the Playroom (powered by Funktion-One), while Manuel de la Mare will take care of the X Room.

Facebook official event page | Tickets


SUNDAY, June 26th 2011: Sander van Doorn, Raneem @ Beach Club

Again, I doubt he needs an introduction. Sander van Doorn is one of the most versatile DJ’s that I have ever seen and heard. His set at Bal en Blanc 16 was amazing, and from what people say, so was his set at Bal en Blanc 17 (which I did not attend). If you haven’t seen him at any of these, now is your chance to see him in the bright sunlight for only 15$ !

Facebook official event page | Tickets (Or contact Bianca @ 514 622 7099)