Faruk Sabanci

Been a while since I found a great producer. Him too I got to know through Sean Tyas’ Tytanium Sessions. Straight from Istanbul, Turkey, Faruk Sabanci is only 18 years of age and is already recognized by the biggest DJs over the world, being signed by Armada Music and Vandit. Not only that but he also owns his own label, Arisa Audio. Finally, he’s the man behind the “Cold Harmony” radio shows, which recently reached # 66.
No need to tell you guys that he’s quite an achievement, and only getting better. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him.


This last track has been uploaded on youtube in june 2009, and the uploader claims it’s a 2008 track. Knowing that Faruk Sabanci is 18 years old NOW, that means… he produced this when he was 15 ! Not a banger but we can definately see some amazing potential here:

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