Fei-Fei, the bad girl of EDM – the controversy.

This article might come out a bit late since I had to recompose myself and really think this through before I wrote something that I will regret later on. So after 3 days of looking through forums, wallposts, other articles, I’ve come up with my own thoughts on this whole situation.

I’ve been personally following DJ Fei-Fei since pretty much the beginning of her career back when her Facebook page had less than 500 likes and YouTube views were a measly 1000 or so. To be honest, it was just a random click while looking for obscure talented trance artists. Anyhow, she definitely intrigued me since she produced some pretty good tech trance stuff and seemed like she had what it took to make it onto the scene. She’s a girl, Asian descendant, young, talented, lives in L.A. and depending on your criteria, pretty. In other words, a type of character or looks that the trance community lacks and let’s face it, there are more boys than girls who listen to trance and goes raving. Hence, from a purely marketing point of view, it is a gold mine. And boy oh boy did she market herself. Once upon liking her page, I shit you not I got updates on her page 4 times a day, pushing her own invented word “feided” at every opportunity possible and feeling extremely proud that Tiesto himself dubbed her the “Bad girl of EDM”. As time went on, the dubstep movement aided strongly by Skrillex took the rise and I started noticing certain changes in her podcasts and productions. Fei-Fei has made the slow transition into Dubstep thus ending pretty much my interest for her.

A few months back, Circus afterhours booked her for a show for an all girl night event with part of the proceeds going to Breast cancer research. Unfortunately, I was tied up at the time so I couldn’t make it. However, a good friend of mine told me that once she hit the decks and started dropping uneven basslines and distorted highs, the floor simply cleared and almost everyone headed to the House room. You see, people were expecting her to play some Trance because well, she was still producing trance tracks back at the time and they we’re pretty good! But nope, she played what she wanted and if I was her; I’d feel pretty awkward playing in front of 10 people.

So, fast forward to the present time, or should I say 3 days ago, Fei-Fei was invited to play @ Beyond Wonderland in which ASOT is also a part of the event. For those who don’t know yet, Beyond Wonderland is organized by Imsomniac, the same guys who brought to you the famous EDC, otherwise known as Electric Daisy Carnival. I won’t bother explaining what she played but here is her set with all the tracklist:

So, I’ll be honest guys. My first reaction was, WTF! What’s happening!? This must be a joke! No! Holy Shit! Why!? How!? DAFUQ!? Then I calmed down a bit and really sat down and analyzed the whole situation. What’s my reaction now? Hmmmmm…. The same.

So here are my arguments and reasoning to what is going on within the EDM media community

Arty and Gareth don’t play trance either. Why should Fei-Fei?

Arty and Gareth might not play much Trance anymore but they don’t play dubstep either. What they play is what I call commercial “Trouse” which shares many roots with trance and doesn’t give me a headache after listening to it for 10min unlike certain other type of music.

Beyond Wonderland is an EDM event so all types of EDM is allowed to be played.

True. All these huge events are not just about Trance. House, Drum n Bass, Techno, Dubstep are all part of the EDM family. HOWEVER, this was the “A State of TRANCE” tent. I repeat, a state of T R A  N C E therefore only Trance or what has become accepted by the mass as trance (even though it isn’t i.e. Trouse) should be played. Dubstep is at the completely different end of the spectrum and I blame none other then Fei-Fei for playing that kind of music mostly throughout her set. She knew exactly what was expected of her and if she didn’t, then she doesn’t deserve to be where she is right now. She completely disrespected ASOT and the Trance community. Shame on her and this is where her “Don’t give a F*ck attitude” and Bad Girl image isn’t good. Great marketing on a usual basis but when it’s time to respect your peers and elders, don’t play the bitchy teenager who needs a dose of Ritalin. You will get crucified.

Don’t blame her! It was Armin that booked her!

First off, she could’ve have just been forced unto Armin by Insomniac since she’s originated from L.A. and she has good connections in the industry. But let’s just say Armin did book her knowing she is L.A. local just like Shogun. Did you really think Armin knew what he was getting himself into? No. I am pretty damn sure Armin had no idea and if you’ve listened to the set, whenever Armin speaks, he sounds very surprised, hesitant and I quote “I think it’s… you know…this is dubstep right?… pretty interesting”. “Tell us what you think on Twitter”. Do you expect Armin to know she changed styles and that she will play Skrillex, Tyga and Avicii/Flo Rida on ASOT? Hell I’m pretty sure if you asked that question a week ago, most people wouldn’t even think that she’d be foolish enough to do it.

I can play whatever the fuck I want” – Fei-Fei
Don’t be a prisoner of your own style” – Armin Van Buuren

Really? You’re going to use this argument? If everyone played “whatever the fuck they want” and ASOT has no more border limits or identity then we should just rename this radio show to ASOWTV.


What has really bothered me throughout this whole fiasco is what people wrote on her FB wall. From “Get off the stage!” to well… much harsher comments and also rebuttals from Fei-Fei’s faithful blaming trance fans to be narrow minded and no love and respect at all for other genres.

I believe in constructive arguments that have certain logic behind it so I do not like people blasting away at someone without explaining themselves the reasoning behind it. It’s disrespectful and destructive for the EDM scene. As for being Trance biased and no love and respect for other genres, I have you noted that I listen to all types of music that I find pleasing to the ears. Hell, I even listen to certain dubstep artists such as Feed Me. I love listening to commercial house when I am in a club and blues is just oh so awesome with a glass of whiskey after a long hard day. However, I will admit there are some real stuck ups out there who think Trance is the only music available and worth listening too.

Each event has its own right style of music and at an ASOT event; well… it’s not rocket science to know what kind of music should be played. By the way… isn’t it the job of a DJ to play what the crowd wants to hear?  There, I’ve opened a can of worms. What’s your take on this? Don’t be shy, I love a good debate!

P.S. One thing she’s got going for her is the amount of attention she got for trolling ASOT. I can imagine the Dubstep community with their arms open ready to take her in… and if that was the plan all along, kudos Fei-Fei – You’ve made it. Now leave us in peace before my eardrums implodes.