Fuck Dubstep. Dec10


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Fuck Dubstep.

I love EDM. I enjoy many different directions of Trance, House, Techno and even Dubstep… When I first started WePlayTechno.com (WPT) 2 years ago I was really into house music and since tastes do change I am a lot more into Trance music these days, so naturally I try to blog more about trance.

Now here comes the funny part… I get hate comments from Dubstep fans when I post dubstep on the blog; “WTF is this, your site is called We Play Techno and you talk about Dubstep. Dubstep is not Techno!”… Then I get e-mail or comments that say: “Dude, I’ve been enjoying all the trance music you blog about but why did you have to ruin in by posting a Dubstep/House… etc  track? WTF?”

… All of you who write these kinds of messages have one thing in common, all of you recognise this is MY blog. You are perfectly right; this is MY blog and the reason why I post what I like. The theme of WPT is Electronic Dance Music, it is not strictly Trance, or House, or Dubstep… it’s all of the EDM and it’ll stay that way.

Now, instead of trolling and wasting your time on writing how much you dislike some of the materials on this site just start your own. In all seriousness, if you aren’t happy with what we post here – start your own blog, get in the box, limit yourself and blog about a single artist that you like… I won’t judge because it will be YOUR blog, not mine.

Haters gonna hate.