Green Velvet @ Igloofest Review

This Friday I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend Montreal’s renowned festival named Igloofest. If you’ve never heard of it, it is basically an outdoor rave that lasts 3 weekends in the middle of January winter. Yes. WINTER – Fortunately, yesterday it was only zero degrees Celsius or so (32 Fahrenheit for our friends down south)  therefore it was very hot compared to the usual -15’s we get here. The bad part is that it rained a few hours before so some spots of the dance floor had huge puddles of mud and water… but no matter! No one really cared and we splashed and shoved our way through the night because GREEN VELVET was killing it!

Curtis Jones aka Green Velvet

Now for those who read my reviews, you know that I am a trance head so I unfortunately I cannot give you a detail account of the set nor have enough experience to tell you if it was a good set or a bad set. However, I can tell you how I felt and what I saw. People were jumping, screaming, laughing and just all out crazy. The floor was wet and icy and I kept getting shoved left and right but it was fun! Now usually I hate that but for some reason, partying it up and knowing you don’t need to save up energy for another 4 hours is great (Green Velvet played from 10:30pm to 12:30am thus ending the night).

So I’ll be honest guys. The only two songs I know from the Green haired Mohawk dude is LA LA LAND and FLASH. And… I know Flash because SVD used to play it in his sets last year! Speaking of sets, it felt very progressive and he takes forever for a buildup. Maybe it’s like that for house. Maybe it isn’t. But I just know that I kept jumping and waiting for the drop that never comes which was kind of frustrating for me. I suppose House is much mellower that way, oh well.

Coming back to the festival’s itself; they’ve made huge improvements concerning line ups and interior décor versus last year’s fiasco (2 hours wait, no clear line ups, unrest clients… messy all around). This year, they’ve increased the body check people from 2 to 6, made big clear signs for directions, added line up gates, increased the number of bars, fire pits, portable toilets and also opened up the washrooms that’s usually only opened in the summer.

All in all, great time, crazy crowd, sick beats, wet socks, happy ears!

La La Land – back from 2001 :)

And here is the Nicky Romero remix of “Flash”. The original track was released in 1995!

And a video from last night at Igloofest (Uploaded by BeowulfXXX):

– Tang