Happy Halloween in EDM Style

Halloween trance

It’s the Halloween week-end and we’ve decided to share some “Halloween-themed” tracks so you could  celebrate in style. Happy Halloween, #Trancefamily!

John Askew – The Witch

John Askew – Torture Chamber (Original Mix)

Robert Vadney – Fallen Angel’s Symphony (Robert Vadney’s 2011 Mix)

The Horrorist – One Night In New York City (Uncensored)

Polymental – Chapter One

Marzio dance meets Luca Antolini dj – We are

Mark Norman – Phantom Manor (Original Mix)


Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Cherry Mix)

And of course how could I ever forget about 666? These guys actually got me into Electronic Dance Music. Back in 1998 I’ve discovered 666 and ATB and although I don’t listen to either of them very often these days, I still appreciate their contribution to the EDM scene, I hope you do as well :)

666 – Paradoxx (Trance mix)

That’s some scary shit, right? Happy Halloween, everyone ;)

– Alex