Hector Couto – Milonga

Hector Couto

Hector Couto… I can’t really say much about him, I just discovered this guy. I know he is from Spain and I know he produces some really good stuff!

Well, I had the Milonga track sitting in my iPhone for about a month (that’s when I added music to it the last time) but somehow I never heard this track! To be honest, it’s addictive! It runs through your veins and makes you wanna dance… which I kind of did, at 3pm at a metro station… got some weird looks but I enjoyed the track ;)

A quick search on beatport revealed that 3 Hector’s tracks are in the top 10 (house) on beatport! Good for him :)

Here it is :)

Hector Couto – Milonga (Consoul Trainin Remix)