He’s back at Muzique ! DJ Optick take… 5?

Although I knew about this for a while (the guy’s connected, what can I say)… I had to wait for the official announcement before posting it on WPT. So here it is: DJ Optick is back at Muzique on December 4th ! He came 4 times (or maybe more, I lost count) to Montreal and each night was amazingly special in it’s way. The best nights in my opinion we at Mica and at Muzique. I invite you guys to read the reviews if you wonder what to expect, by following the links below:

DJ Optick @ Mica Lounge, May 22nd 2010

DJ Optick @ Muzique, February 27th 2011

His latest radio show, in which we can hear two hours of his set with other Romanian star DJ, Adrian Eftimie, on Halloween night:

Dj Optick – Nextlevel – Vibe Fm Romania – 10.11.2011 Optick & Adrian Eftimie @ Silver Bucharest by djoptick


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