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Imagine: Tropical Escape

From Ibiza to Dominican Republic and now in Montreal, Imagine will bring you the most anticipated Party in North America. Inspired by the crazy and unique ambiance of two of the greatest clubs in the world; Amnesia(Ibiza) and Imagine(Punta Cana), we will make sure that we leave you breathless.
Inside and outside our Djs will be playing all night only the hottest tracks, rhythms and beats that Canada, and the world, has to offer!

Feel free to join us this upcoming Friday at this annual pool party event @ the Marina Venise ! The DJ list hasn’t been officialized yet but local names like Silviu Dascalu and GabyATV have been leaked.

OUTSIDE: Terasse, beats, lakeview, BBQ, beats, pool, foam party tanks, limbo and Beats.

INSIDE: Beats, bubble machine, beats, dance contests/performances, beats, Foosball, pool table, beats. Oh and Beats.

For as little as 15$ (pre-sale) or 20$ (door), there is literally no excuse to miss this. Sure, you could go sweat your ass off along with 500+ drunk underage kids in a shitty Montreal club. Or you could go sweat your ass off in a nicer place, with another 500+ people sweating their pubes all over the place.

OR… you can grab your funky swimsuit, a towel, and your party glasses and go for a nice 30 mins drive to the Marina Venise. Enjoy some great music, a great view (lakeview, girls, lotsa bikinis, and girls in bikinis on the lakeview) and jump in the pool whenever you feel like refreshing yourself.

For pre-sale tickets, contact Noemi If on Facebook, or 514-839-0981.

Imagine Official Website | Facebook event page

Be there, or be weak.