Kaiserdisco – Pitaya (Original Mix)

Release Date  :  June 21st 2010

“MBF brings forth another slamming EP from the duo of the hour: „Dulce Frutas“.
Yes… Kaiserdisco are back once again with another glamorous and eerie tech-house stormer.
A two-track monster that ought to keep all the die-hard fans of MBF happy.
“Carambolo” is a true Kaiserdisco tune, working with vocals and merry go around sounds, but special for this track is it’s drumming in the in-between of beats!
We have lost count of the numerous small drum digits they have added, but you can be sure the Kaiserdisco´s have done it with full dedication and passion and the music seems to flow out of them like the blood and sweat circulating through the veins of the dancer .
We don’t want to forget the scream of an Indian at some stage in this track… we think, this puts a smile on our face every time we hear it.
Beware and be prepared for the b-side “Pitaya”! This is by no means a desert or a b-side, but another a-side.
Kaiserdisco show with this tune that they are masters of many genres, showing great knowledge and skill with this fantastic “disco” track.
We in Germany who were socialised with the Force Inc neo-disco wave of Tonka and Ian Pooley, we get a goose skin when listening to that music… it sounds so familiar and still so fresh… we don’t care what style this track really accounts for… some would say this is Euro House, but then the European music-market seems to be assembled in Germany nowadays… so what to call this now?”

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