Menno De Jong – Turtle Paradise

Menno De Jong - Turtle Paradise

If I am not mistaken this track first aired during the ASOT 504 – and I perfectly understand why Armin would play this track – it’s freaking awesome! “Turtle Paradise” is one of those tracks that makes you wanna move – regardless of where you are and how tired you might be. Before hitting on PLAY button – get ready to dance :)

Here is what Menno De Jong said about this track:

“One of the first tracks made in my new studio in Haarlem, The Netherlands. This was inspired by a trip to Hawaii in November 2010, where I played a gig at The Pipeline Cafe and hung around for a few days to surf, snorkel and sight-see. A lovely island with an amazing underwater world, and a fast growing party scene.”

Ladies and gents, enjoy Menno De Jong – Turtle Paradise