Olderic – Monkey Business (Original Mix)

Release Date  : July 14th 2010

Olderic is a new name in the upcoming generation of talent to emerge from the Italian underground scene, and versatility is his weapon of choice! Equally comfortable performing his own music live as well as DJing, he currently holds a residency in his native Venice. His sets are a multifaceted mix of modern and old school house, and groovy tech house, all spiced up with his own productions, loops, edits and weird samples collected from all imaginable sources. “Monkey Business”, a disco house track that kicks your ass! It’s a pumping, high energy track right from the beginning, with lively percussion, dashes of house synth, disco Miami-kissed filtered guitar scratches, and a playful MC with a very important message in the break for everyone in the club. “Monkey Business” has everything you need to bring the people to the dancefloor!

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