Piknic Électronik 2010 Program Launch

If you haven’t heard of Piknic – you missed out on some good shows. Piknic Electronik is a big party held every Sunday during summer season at Park Jean-Drapeau, Montreal. Entrance fee is about 10$ and the show starts at 2pm. As the years went by, it got bigger, and bigger, and ‘shit happened’.

Because of this ‘shit’, as much as everyone loved Piknic, it took a big drop this year. First when they announced that we would NOT be allowed to bring our own beer anymore. Fortunately for us, the reaction to this announcement was HUGE and they reconsidered, allowing us to bring a limited quantity along with our piknic food. So half harm done there. My biggest disappointment however is the lineup. Therefore, instead of giving you boys and girls the whole lineup for the summer, which you can all see on the Piknic Electronik official website, here are the days you should not miss !

June 5th – Paul Kalkbrenner, Minilogue
June 13th – Ostrich
August 22nd – Paul Ritch, Bender
September 5th – Mistress Barbara, Carlo Lio
September 6th – Oxia
September 12th – Popof
September 26th – Josh Wink