Review: A State of Trance 450 Celebration

It’s March 31th, 7am. I get picked up from home and wonder what the fuck I’m doing leaving for Toronto so early, when the “A State of Trance” Celebration is only on Thursday night, on April 1st. Nevertheless, not driving for once was a luxury, so I couldn’t complain. The drive was long, painful, but we had trance and weed to the rescue. Chilled around boring and ugly Toronto for the day, took a leak on the Air Canada Center (cuz we love the Leafs). The next day we check out Niagara Falls for the XYZth time and met some interesting people who really liked to pass the US customs border. 3 times in a matter of hours.

By midnight we finally get to the Guvernment. I thought I could have trouble selling my extra ticket, but I sold it before even getting to the end of the line. Which was very, very long. We could hear Armin’s smashing beats from outside, while bouncers/security kept repeating that the show was sold out. Oh and there was this hermaphrodite walking around trying to get a date or something.

We finally get in. It was nothing like Canada Day back in June last year. The Guv was open to only half of its capacity for some reason, as the big KoolHaus room was closed. I was sad that I missed Arnej and Black Jarrell’s sets, but quickly forgot about it. Armin’s set was amazing, a little abusive on the vocals, but that’s just me (which is why I’m not that big of a fan of the radio show). The 3 hours passed by like a shiny Koenigsegg CC and it was time for Aly & Fila. Aly&Fila… nothing much to say about them, I expected better. Then came Simon Patterson at 5am. Simon’s set at Circus a few months back was… shit (Hollow Earth, the dude after him, was way better). This awful past experience made me wanna check out the House room… but for some reason I did not. I ended up staying, and actually enjoying his set. I guess everyone has its good and bad nights. Sean Tyas then came on the decks and did his thing. His “thing”, for those who don’t know yet, is orgasm to the power of a Bugatti Veyron. Great set, great guy, he actually recognized me in the crowd (duh, big tall skinny dude in front) and seemed real happy to see me, again, for the 3rd time.

And as amazing as Armin was, as much as I love Sean Tyas’s music and DJ skills, I must give the “set of the night” prize to Signum. Ronald Hagen (only one of the 2 members attended) opened up with their smashing co-production with Roger Shah, called “Healsville Sanctuary” (the Signum remix). A few effects here and there, that is all that was needed to get those remaining dead tired 4-5000 people up and bouncing again. Track after track, he did not let anyone catch their breath, and even extended his set an extra half an hour, since the crowd wouldn’t let go neither.

And let’s not forget the best par of the night: Everytime those nitrogen vapors (i’m guessing) would blow off from the ceiling… what a blessing !

All in all, it is definately a night to remember, and let’s all hope that if # 500 lands somewhere in Canada, it’ll be Montreal. Now let me leave y’all with a little something.

First, here #450’s Anthem, by Sebastien Brandt. You guessed right, it’s called “450”.

Second of all, here is a link to all the ASOT 450 sets. From the 5 nights. Go ahead, it’s legal, no one will come knocking at your door !