Review: DJ Optick @ Mica Lounge

Most events that I go to, I expect something good. And in most cases, I’m satisfied. When DJ Optick, also known as Bogdan Moldovan, came to Montreal on May 22nd 2010 for the first time ever, bringing us a piece of Liberty Parade… it was nothing like that. I expected something amazing and got so much more than that.

First, the greeting.

What better way of forgetting the shitty day you had at work than being greeted by two lovely white swimsuit-only dressed ladies. In contrast to most places, they were not only dancing dolls. Claudia and Karine did a great job socializing/dancing with anyone who felt like it all night long, and also dancing on the stage when the time came, giving you quite a nice view of the DJ.

Most places I have been to, they try too hard. Simple is the best, especially when it comes to lightning and fumes. And Mica perfectly understood that. Perfect mix of fumes and lights created quite interesting shapes by times, and combined with our 2 little gogo dancers, it was ‘the shit’.

Optick was late on stage for several technical reasons which I won’t bore you with. He therefore started spinning around 1am instead of midnight. From the beginning to the end, he dropped unknown underground tracks putting the place permanently on fire. Track after track, Optick managed to reunite the sober, the drunk and the high to share their sweat on Mica’s dance floor. Two hours of epicness passed by faster than a flying jet and it wasn’t too long before Quebec’s idiotic curfew time came. 3am, it was time to stop and go home. Not so fast, said Optick, before pumping us with another 30 minutes of the craziest and most underground sounds I have ever heard in house music.

For those who missed this event, I really feel like saying “I told you to come”. It really was a crazy night for anyone having the slightest love for house music. There will be another chance however, Optick loved his first Montreal experience just as much as we loved his gig ! He will be back, I personally have his word on that. And you WILL be advertised by us when that happens ! In the meantime, here is a tiny hour of his liveset, which aired live on vibe fm !

Big Thanks to:

Mica Lounge for hosting the event // Paull Deejay, Normo and &R3 for the warmup // The Evil Baron for the pictures // Idolconcerts for bringing Optick to Montreal // and finally, OPTICK, for an amazing night.

For more pictures, check out Mica’s Lounge facebook page.