Review: DJ Optick @ Muzique // Industry Sundays, 27.02.2011

Some might remember this night from the legendary vibe that took over Muzique when Optick got behind the decks, other might remember it from my abusive/daily Facebook posting and promotion. Or maybe you listened to his set live on Virgin Radio from the comfort of your home?

First off, let’s give Caesar his due. We got in the club at 11pm, thinking that Optick will start his set at midnight. It turned out that he was scheduled for 1am, so we thought the wait would be pretty long. By midnight, the club was still 3/4 empty, and I started thinking about how the promotion failed. The warmup DJ,  Paul Tirtirau, was pretty good. He did everything but warm us up with his banging beats, it was more of a workout ! Big Up to Paul for his set, it was great.

12:30 – In a matter of 30 minutes, the place got packed. Electronic music lovers took over the dancefloor, Paul Tirtirau in command.

1: 00 – Optick begins his set. ‘Amazing’ is the only word I can think of to describe those two hours of epicness. From the beginning to the end, beat after beat, he would pump energy into us, playing the crowd from the tip of his fingers. Every now and then, I would take a few minutes to observe him ‘work’. It’s unbelievable how he would feel the music before, during and after every transition. It was as if the mixer, the laptop and the CDJs were an extension of his body. I would look at the people’s faces throughout the night and there’s wasn’t a single one that didn’t show a big smile. I started talking to an Asian couple at some point. They randomly chose Muzique as the place to go that night, and they were telling me how great the music is, that it is one of the best house sets that they ever heard.

The most surprising part in all of this is that Optick was full of energy after he played a set in Bucharest on the 25th, flew to Montreal, drove to Ottawa to play at BPM after-hours on the 26th, and finally drove back to bring the roof down in Montreal on the 27th. This guy is an contagious energy bubble !

So… I’ve been working on this review for a while now, and I realize words cannot describe the night that I had at Muzique, the vibe, the atmosphere. Without further ado, here is his recorded set.

Dj Optick – Nextlevel – Vibe Fm Romania – 03.03.2011 Optick LIVE @ Muzique Montreal Canada by djoptick

Did I forget to mention the ladies? Here’s some pictures for you guys to enjoy while listening to his set !

For those who weren’t there, I hope this will make you come see him next time. Because he WILL be back, sooner than you think. Unfortunately that is all the information I’m able/aloud to give you guys for now :) Rest assured, when the time will come, WePlayTechno will let you know !

Thanks to Francois Cincou for the pictures, to Aurelian Axente / Idolconcerts and Muzique for making this event possible… but especially, thanks to Bogdan Moldovan, aka Optick, for his set !