Sensation White Ukraine Live Broadcast

Sensation White Ukraine

On May 8th 2011 Sensation White marks its debut in Kiev, Ukraine. I was lucky enough to attend the Sensation White in Amsterdam in 2008 although I had to pay extra for the tickets I purchased on eBay a few weeks before leaving to Amsterdam. It seems like Sensation did not do a great job in Ukraine and there are a lot of tickets left… I see 2 main reasons; the tickets are way too expensive for most Ukrainians (60-230 Euros) when events like this usually sell for 15-30 euros. It is very Ironic though, 697 EURO Diamond Box tickets are SOLD OUT. Another issue, the line up. Paying over 60 Euros per ticket – I would expect some big names, not only Gabriel & Dresden and Martin Solveig. Fedde le Grand is also present but he refused to be broadcasted (is this a new trend, DJs refusing the broadcast?) Anyways, I will be listening to it to discover some local talents. Click here to Listen Sensation White Ukraine Live Broadcast.

Broadcast Schedule (+0300 UTC)
(differs from actual line-up):
22:00 Kirill Doomski (15:00 EST)
23:00 Lutique (16:00 EST)
00:15 Jerome Isma-Ae (17:15 EST)
01:30 Mix (18:30 EST) This is when Fedde Le Grand is Playing, in this time-slot they will broadcast the highlights of the night)
03:25 Martin Solveig (20:25 EST)
04:45  Gabriel & Dresden (21:45 EST)
06:00 END of the event (23:00 EST)

Official Sensation White Ukraine page.