Taras Bazeev – Intoxication EP – 3 Hot Tracks!

We Play Techno already mentioned the very talented Taras Bazeev quite a few times already, Cube even ranked this produced in BEST of 2010 TRANCE.

Well, I have decided it was time to post some more music from Taras. Some websites claim these tracks were just released (late January 2011), some others claim it was released in the end of November 2010… I will trust Beatport on this one and go with the November 23rd 2011 as the release date of these 3 hot tracks from Intoxication EP. Enjoy!!!

Taras Bazeev & Maxim Yurin – Rush (Original Mix)


Taras Bazeev & Maxim Yurin – Thriller (Original Mix)


Taras Bazeev – Intoxication (Original Mix)


All 3 tracks can be purchased at Beatport – http://beatport.com/s/r1h40f