Vocal ecstasy: Gallagher, Larkin, del Adel

I’m not big on vocal trance. Most of them sound, to me, like squeaky nails on a elementary school blackboard. But some vocals are simply magnificent, and even the haters, like me, cannot deny that. I hereby present you 3 of my favorite vocalists. Or should I say, the only 3 vocalists that I not only stand, but adore.


Audrey Gallagher – Well known for her collaborations with Armin van Buuren and John O’Callaghan, I personnaly rather go for her latest track with Claudia Cazacu, Free Fallin’.


Betsie Larkin – I can only talk about her productions with Ferry Corsten, since I don’t know any others: “Made of Love” and “Feel You”, from Ferry’s “Twice In a Blue Moon” album. I liked these tracks at home on my speakers, but after hearing her sing live on Canada Day @ the Guvernment (Koolhaus) last year, I literally fell in love with them.


Finally, Sharon del Adel – Everyone one knows Armin van Buuren’s “In and Out of Love”, but very few know who actually sings in it. You guessed right, it’s Sharon (and not Susan, listen to the video, you’ll understand :P). It is in my opinion the most angelic voice of all, but then again, opinions differ.

Other than that, there is also Emma Hewitt and Claire Hayek worth mentioning.

I really hope you enjoy, vocal trance doesn’t get any better than this.