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I’ve always wanted to share my favorite beats with the world and finally, on November 30, 2009 I opened up this blog. is operated out of a basement in Berlin… okay fine, I can’t make it sound “underground”, the blog is operated out of my apartment in Montreal, Canada. I will be posting reviews of shows I attend, DJs I see live, exclusive DJ interviews, parties I attend and of course I will be posting loads of amazing tracks for your ears to enjoy!

It’s important to note that we highly encourage everyone to BUY their favorite tracks via Beatport/iTunes to support the artists. This is the main reason we will never post download links on this site (unless permitted by DJ/Label). We will share youtube clips, soundcloud previews and such, usually we will also provide a PURCHASE link (as I mentioned Beatport/iTunes).

If you would like us to review an event, track, album etc or if you would like us to promote your event/track album, simply contact me: alex @

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Alex kept bugging me to add some “about me” info, so here it is, finally. This is to my knowledge the only “normal” picture of me. It’s normal to the point that it freaks me out.

I think music is the universal language and the only possible solution to Utopian peace in the world one day. Whether you like electronic, classic, rock music or any other kind, the fact that you listen to music, like it and share it is what makes you human. Sharing is Caring.

No need to say that I prefer electronic music. More precisely, anything progressive, non-vocal trance or house music will make me happy. I don’t have one all-time favourite DJ or producer, but guys like John Digweed, Sean Tyas, Raneem are a big part of why I love EDM.

I love hockey and snowboarding, and my favorite summer sport is drinking.

Much Love,

Mihu aka Cube


Tang & Ben Gold

Music has always revolved around my life. Thanks to my parents, I had the opportunity to learn the
violin at a very young age and be part of a youth orchestra for most of my teenage years. I say this
because without my background in classical, I am not sure if I would love trance as much as I do today. I
see so much similarity between the two genres that I would call today’s trance, modern classical. Unlike
those new ages experimental crap “classical”….

I can’t really say I have a favorite DJ since the scene evolves so fast nowadays that I get goose bumps
almost every week from new tracks. I believe a good DJ/set brings us out of our shell and unto a
different world where we can experience something new with our mind and body. I can honestly say
Trance has saved my life from rock bottom days and it is everything I want music to be.

That is not to say I don’t listen to other genres. On the contrary, I listen to almost everything. Blues, Hip
Hop, Jazz, Rap, 50’s, 60’s, Punk Rock, heavy metal, House( all sorts) etc. I mostly write reviews on event
that I attend for WPT. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Yours truly,

Tang – PLURR

“It’s not just love for music. It’s my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. It’s about a way
of living. Music is essential to my life” – Armin Van Buuren