W&W at Circus – Review

Last night (Friday, March 16th 2012) I had the opportunity to attend W&W’s 2 hour set @ Circus Afterhours here in Montreal. To be honest, I don’t follow them very closely so I haven’t had a chance to sample their latest sets and compare them to the one that was played. I can however give you my thoughts and feel of it from a neutral “Trance” point of view. If I had to sum up the night with one word, I’d say… “Dubby”

Yes I know that is not a word but I have this feeling that I will be using it more and more often these days. Last time I saw W&W was @ Guvernment in Toronto in 2010. It was high energy, great mixing and well chosen track that told a tale. Yesterday it was high energy (aided greatly by the awesome crowd) yet some questionable transition and overall… just all over the place. It had no rhythms and the general feel of the set was very dubstep influenced (although not a single dubstep was played). I didn’t like the remixes of known Trance songs with the dubby kick. It’s like ruining your favorite shirt with a stain mark… just isn’t right no matter how you hide it. All in all, a messy lost set.

Of course, all their latest hits were played such as ASOT550 theme song and Shotgun including some now considered classics like Mainstage.

Short review but really, there’s nothing much more to say… I did enjoy my night regardless.