End Of Year Countdown 2011

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>>> To Download The EOYC 2011 Sets please visit our Downloads post<<<

Starting today and for the next 15 days will be treating us with a special program for the End Of Year Countdown. Hundreds of amazing artists are taking part in this great countdown and we’ll try to listen to as many of them as possible. Click on the image below to see the full list of DJs and timeslots for the EOYC. To listen simply use the player in the top left corner of this site or go to or download the AH.FM app for your smartphone and listen on the go :)

Afterhours, has been on a steady rise as far as listeners, community, Exclusive Dj and providing up to date best shows in the scene, most of all exclusive. It is time to announce the concept of worlds biggest online trance event: End of Year Countdown 2011!

From myself Dan & rest of AH staff, we would like to thank all of you (this amazing community) for showing us your ongoing support. We really appreciate the support, all the reported spam to us, promoting us via your facebook/twitter/other social media sites. It’s team work, we all play a part in Afterhours!! so we thank you again!

We will try to post a daily playlist to remind you who’s playing.

Here is what’s cooking for the Day 1 – December 18th 2011 (ALL TIMES CET):